Random Bits Of The Week

So - long time no see folks. I have been a bit busy. I have been setting up a few screencasts for Aperture 3 as well as upgrading the infrastructure so deal with the download volume increases. I hope to have one available this weekend - I have finally settled on the format and pricing for them. They are all going to be "digestible"  in terms of run-time. No hour long dissertations and they may have some overlap in terms of content - not much just a little bit to make sure there is context in order for them to also stand alone. All of them will be based on things that I have shown people during workshops or one on one sessions that have universally been determined "extremely helpful" during those sessions.

I am not a professional broadcaster - I am not spending a ton of time polishing them in post. I am not using a recording studio for the voice and they will contain NO intro music, advertisements or endorsements. They will be clear - that is about it. They will also focus on things that I do not see all over the place.

I have decide that I am going to price them at a buck ninety nine and two ninety nine solely determined by download size. After a bunch of back of the napkin calculations and guesstimates this is my best guess on breaking even on funds necessary to deal with bandwidth and storage needs - we'll see how it goes. I will release the first Aperture 3 screencast as a test to get some feedback before going hog wild.

As for the eBook updates - working hard but it is slow going so my target is the end of the month. I am also working with a friend that I met on the site to translate the eBooks into other languages - yep french and spanish are my goals. Any germans out there that want to help?

I have also been helping a bunch of people convert to Aperture 3 - all of the usual issues with the "endless processing" - I have not published a bunch of recipes to "fix" this because my experiences have shown no clear one solution or problem that causes this. Some times it is one thing and some times it is another. In some cases I had to resort a binary search to get down to the single image that was hanging up the whole process. So… if you are having issues that manifest as "processing" that never ends and then ends up blocking other things that need to happen… do not assume there is a one size fits all solution. Most of the rational advice I have seen is not a bad start - mostly to eliminate variables and get to the actual problem projects/images faster. Generically get rid of previews before converting, turn off preview generation, turn off faces, do an import vs a conversion. All good but not an absolute remedy.

On another note I am working on a print service venture with another photographer that some of you might be interested in down the road - big custom prints - really big on fantastic paper for a reasonable price. Hit me up if this sounds like something you need.

Last but not least - I love Apple products but… God I am angry. In the middle of a project that I must must must get out the door by Tuesday I lost yet another Cinema display to strange random crap that has happened to 3 other Cinema displays I have owned since 2002. Every freaking one of them was about 3 days out of Apple Care. This is bullshit - so what did I do - I bought another one -  on it's way via FedEx. I got the new 24" - just to finish this project - dumb idea but I need something with decent color to finish this up - not a laptop display. Call me a masochist - based on my history with these things here is what I predict. About 3 weeks from now Apple will replace both the 24 HD and the od 30 with a new 27 that blows the crap out of both of them at a lower price. My new 24 will then work fine for exactly 3 years and break - and then I will by the 27 at too high a price only to be superseded 3 weeks after by something better for less money. My display karma has been shit forever.

Over and out.


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