Aperture 3 Nikon NEF Presets

Ap3D2H.jpgBelieve it or not the most popular topic on this site has been NEF presets for the last two weeks. Who would have ever guessed? Hey maybe I will start charging for them and get rich. Actually most of them are quick and dirty versions for cameras that I do not own. I am still working on my own presets for cameras that I do own. Nikon cameras. Treat these as starting points that will probably need to be tweaked in order to match NX2 colors and picture control contrast curves.

I will work on other cameras as time permits but until then I made a new category for all of the Nikon related Aperture 3 stuff - it is under the series block. This is to make it easier to find your camera or info you are interested in since nobody used the search box.

Consider this a lame first step to the Nikon Aperture 3 user community that I put out the little survey on.


Ps. If you have any Nikon/Aperture presets or observations feel free to comment or shoot me an email and I will be glad to share them with the billions of other Nikon shooters out there on this site.

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