No Worries - I Am Alive and Well

Received more than a few emails inquiring as to my well being. Sorry for the lack of communication and updates lately. I have been a tad busy lately. Mostly with Aperture 3 upgrades - a whole lot of one on one conferences - and last but not least preparing the Aperture 3 updates for some of my eBooks. Wow this has turned out to be a lot of work. I promise that if you contact me for a One On One I will make it a priority.

For those of you out there that I have been assisting with getting Aperture 3 up and running on your broken libraries - you know where I have been. Also - it will not be long for the eBook updates - very soon.

I have also decided to test a couple of new products based on a lot of my One On One Aperture consultations. There are many things that I cover in my eBooks that people just "get it" however after talking with a good number of you and seeing the difference between the written words and actually walking you through some of the things visually there seems to be a need for both. So…

I will be putting together a couple of screencasts. My intent is to mirror a lot of the things in the eBooks but broken down in to very short - sweet - easily digestible 5 or 10 minute bits. for like 99 cents or something like that. Maybe like 10 minutes a piece to act as a companion to the eBooks or for those that do not like to read to operate stand-alone. Let me know if you thing this will or won't be helpful.


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