Aperture 3 - Ansel Adams Preset

So where is the download button? Not quite yet. I knew this was going to happen. For you web aware people - look at what searches are really popular. So now we have the Aperture preset market. Yea - I have put a couple of them up for download. Do I charge money for them? But hey traffic=money.

Give people the magic solution they are looking for + a couple bucks + bullshit = income. I should just give up on this and go over to the dark side. I am absolutely sure I could publish a preset every day and get at least $1000 in sales out of it. I am sure - so are other people. Here is the question - should I?

For my own soul's sake my answer is no. I tried to warn you guys/gals but it seems to be of no avail.


Ps. I have been busy doing things that actually help people - yes I charge money to do it. I have been helping a lot of friends and customers with Aperture 3 conversions. Only one person made the decision to go back to Aperture 2 so far. As soon as I can compose myself I will offer my observations on conversions and doing real intensive work with Aperture 3.

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