Aperture 3 - Nikon D300 Presets

Many of you have been sending me NEF files for cameras I do not own - Thank You. I am sure that people that download the presets will thank you as well. I have been working on them here and there. The ones I have posted so far are rough drafts. These are rough drafts as well. For cameras that I do own it takes me a while to home in on what I ultimately use and with some NEF files I have a couple of different ones depending on the scene.

As for the Nikon D300 - this is a camera I do not own and I have received very few NEF files so my test images are rather limited. Consider these two picture controls a draft - Standard and Landscape. I really would like some feedback from those of you that try them as they are definitely work in progress. The really funny thing is that Apple seems to get the colors wrong consistently but swings wildly on the amounts wrong as well as huge differences in default contrast with cameras - I guess too many Nikon shooters were complaining the defaults were too flat so Apple went the reverse on the D300 - from the samples I have it looks like the default Apple conversion for the D300 is really juiced up compared to the NX2 picture controls.

Anyway - here they are. The more feedback I get and the more files the better they will be. I have found that a lot of people are using my D200 presets for various Nikon cameras with some degree of "success" - I can tell you for a fact that they are WRONG for just about every other popular Nikon. Not as wrong as Aperture defaults but wrong. Also note that I did not include the yellow correction for the D200 presets because of a nasty Yellow - Green cross over. I will put a modified version or both versions out there soon.


On another note - I have test some other presets for Nikon picture control settings that are being sold on the market - I am unimpressed. I took a look at these and there is nothing in there that is remotely correct (for any NEF files). If any of you know of anything actually decent point us all that way. They do things like boost the saturation on the default blue and default green - that's it. (Really - you are going to charge money for that? You're kidding right?)


Ps. I know these are way wrong - I want some examples that are way off so I can correct them. ;-) I have like 4 different scenes for the D300 right now.

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