Aperture 3 - Tip Search By Album Name

Ap3searchalbum.jpgWhile taking in all of the new Aperture 3 juicy goodness - and there is a lot of it - there are a few things that some of you might be scratching your heads about. Not in confusion of how it works - that is easy - but more like "why bother".

One of the new features - the search box in the project inspector is fantastic and the "why" is obvious if you have more than a couple of projects. Some of the other "little" features by comparison are not so self evident as to their value. Let's take the new Aperture metadata items available for searches and smart albums. Specifically let's take one like "album name". Why would you want to search images by album name - you can do that in the project inspector and go there, or if you know that then why are you searching - etc.

One of the great features of Aperture has always been that the functionality works together in very useful ways to support what YOU do in your work-flow. Just to connect a couple of dots that you might not have yourself and to get you thinking along the right lines of evaluating the new Aperture 3 features let's look at searching by "album name" in conjunction with the new project "Duplicate project structure" function. Hypothetically let's say you always product projects that have a couple standard albums in them - one being an album called "published".

Putting that together with a smart album at the top of your library that searches for all images that are in an album name called published is a really really simple way to consolidate all of those images across all of your projects. You may do something completely different than that but I just wanted to get you thinking about some of the new Aperture 3 features in that kind of light so you can make the most out of it in your own personal work-flow.


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