Aperture 3 - Adjustments - Chromatic Aberration

Ap3CA.jpgTested this out over the last few days - not that my lenses have a lot of CA but the new adjustment is really really simple and extremely effective. One of the only lenses that I have in current use that has any visible chromatic aberration is my Nikon 12-24 AFS and then it has the most at 12mm. I just wanted to throw up an example of how good this new adjustment is. Of course the Nikon Capture NX2 adjustment is just as good - actually maybe even better technically but I cannot see the difference with this lens. The nice thing about NX2 is the automatic application of the correction based on lens data - just like distortion.

With Aperture 3 the best bet is just to make a few presets for the lenses you use - not a big deal since you can search by lens and batch apply the preset. No need to do it manually all the time. Check out the screenshot at the top - on the left is with the correction. On the right w/o. If you do not know what to look for look at the edge of the hull against the sky and the chrome against the sky - it is well hidden because it is the cyan variety but I think it is a night and day difference.


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