Aperture 3 RAW+JPG Part Deux

The other day I was complaining about some of the new Aperture 3 "features". One of those being the changes to the way Aperture handles RAW+JPG. I wanted to post an update to the old workflow suggestion that I had with the Aperture 3 equivalent. I also wanted to clarify some of my earlier comments as they were terse and not fully articulated.

I think the new import options are fantastic. Having the option to import them together, together but as separate masters, or even just the JPEGs and then later the associated RAW are great and could help with a lot of diverse work-flows out there. I think the new image badges are a nice improvement as well. Knowing whether you are looking at something based on the RAW master or the JPEG master is added functionality.

The only issue I have is the useless and really slow needless change from Aperture 2's 'New Version From Master JPEG" to Aperture 3's TWO different functions "Set JPG as master' and 'Set RAW as master"  - these are senseless. There are maybe 3 occasions ever you would want to do this for already existing versions - one of them being you picked the wrong import option. The others being you had adjustments that were anywhere near appropriate for both masters. In either case the old functionality was no slower or no more complicated dealing with this.

Enough of that - to make life more bearable I setup some new custom shortcut keys to deal with it a little closer to my existing workflow. I set up Control-J to "Set JPEG as Master". Just to keep things symmetric I also set up Control-R as "Set RAW as master". Now I can have similar functionality to the old way. Here it is;

  • Select all images (Command-A)
  • New album from selection (Command-L)
  • New version from master (Option-G)
  • Set JPEG as master (Control-J)

Similar but one additional shortcut key and a lot slower for some reason - the actual set JPEG as master seems to take way longer than the old way.

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