Aperture 3 - Nikon D2H Presets

Ap3D2H.jpgThis is for our friend Paul. He asked for some starting points for the D2H in Aperture so here are a few to get started. Just as a note - the D2H has perennially been one of the most difficult NEF files to dial-in due to continuous bizarre but subtle white balance issues in Aperture. This has been true since Aperture V1 but has improved over time. I have to say somewhere in the last few updates I could swear it got better but why? I think myself and Paul are probably the only ones that still shoot this camera on the planet. Yea the D3 is way better in a lot of ways but…

The D2H really raised the bar as far has how responsive a camera could and should be. The funny thing is if you pick up a D2H today it shoots a whole lot like a D3 - really. Super fast, super responsive, solid as a brick. Great camera. I still use mine on occasion when I give lighting workshops - 4 Mpix files really rock in terms of transfer and processing speed. I tether wirelessly and display on a huge HD display - the images look fantastic and the displayed the instant I hit the shutter. In fact the display pretty much keeps up no matter how fast I shoot.

Anyway - warning these images may not be safe for work - I got too many complaints from the boob police last time I posted anything like this. Also note that I did NO white balance correction in the presets - that is useless unless you shoot at a constant color temp (I do but not many others so I left it out) there are a couple of WB issues still there and are not compensated for in these presets. Consider them a starting point. Go wild - let me know what you come up with. There are a million ways to get to the end result - I chose the really simple one but you could probably do all of it or at least most of it in curves with maybe one other adjustment.

Here are some quick and dirty starting point Presets for the D2h they are - D2x mode 3 (gotta love that), Picture Control Standard and Vivid. You can do Portrait and Landscape on your own. They are close enough for government work.

Presets [download id= "19"]

and to go along with that here are a couple D2H NEF files to play with as well - I chose these because they are the difficult ones to get right. In general a lot of Nikon cameras will need the yellows and oranges shifted a little more towards red to match what NX2 does from a color standpoint - make sure you have the other stuff right first - you can go down the wrong path if your WB, contrast, and tonal values are not matching before you start shifting hues around.

Sample D2H NEF's

[download id="16"] [download id="17"] [download id="18"]

Have fun.


Ps. More coming soon - I am going in order of requests. If you have some recipies to share feel free - I will post them here if you like - heck make mine better.

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