Aperture 3 - Nikon NEF Free Preset

Ap3D50.jpgOne of our faithful friends emailed me regarding Aperture 3 vs NX2 RAW conversion "issues". I thought I covered this enough times before but… Here is a Nikon D50 NEF preset that happens to "match" what NX2 does with our friends camera settings - which NOTHING else reads by default. You can get to the same place about 1000 different ways. I just chose to do it this way. In reality if I were doing this over again for all my stuff (I will) I would use the curves to do all of the stuff instead of the Exposure block - maybe. I actually need more image samples to get this right as I do not have a D50 but I thought I would put this out there for the gillions of new Aperture 3 users that will be scratching their heads and asking - Hey how come Aperture's RAW conversion for NEF files doesn't look "good". Here it is and it doesn't cost anything - if you don't like it - tweak it to your liking.

If anyone is interested I will be happy to post a bunch of NX2 "matching' presets for picture controls for all of the cameras I own. D2H, D2X, D3,  D200. If there are others let me know. Here is a D50 - let's call it the "Manu" in camera settings recipe. Ps those are his wonderful images in the screen shot - can you tell which one is NX2 vs Ap? I can but I am not looking at a compressed JPG screenshot. I can't help but make the Aperture one the same but slightly "better".

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Ps. Beware of the 1000's of people that will be selling "valuable" presets for Aperture 3. Let's face it folks presets ain't Viveza and are not nearly as sophisticated as say… really complicated Photoshop actions.

Pss. These are Manu's beautiful images - he is a very very good photographer.

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