Aperture 3 Is Here - This Is It

Okay I just saw a tweet from a MacWorld article that Aperture 3 is here. This is it. I was right this morning. I felt it in my bones. Sorry for the quick rumor to validation cycle.


Update here is the Apple Aperture 3 Page

Update - i have been reading the new features this is what I expected it is awesome, library sync, there are a couple of headline features that I knew would be there from iPhoto but there is real meat here - not just fluff plus 64bit

Update: The org stuff is amazing more than I expected. IPTC core support - lots of metadata goodness that I really wanted and more. Write to master IPTC metadata - yes yes yes - this is an LR killer and a photomechanic killer. XMP import.

Aperture 3 is killer.

Update: The adjustments updates seem fantastic - local adjustments that look useful, tablet support, real curves, presets, really amazing stuff - this is a Lightroom killer.

Update: Video support - take that Lightroom. I didn't think it would be there but it is.

Awesome new print tools, awesome new book tools, fantastic interface improvements to an already superlative product. I wonder what the LR yo-yo's will say to this - They didn't get it before - now what.

Update: I know some of you will be thrilled - larger fonts in the UI - I am not thrilled about that but everything else makes up for it - this is truly a killer upgrade.

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