Aperture 3 - eBook Announcement

Ap3.jpgOkay so I said I was not going to do this but I am going to offer an upgrade price. If you purchased ANY of my Aperture eBooks I am going to offer a low low upgrade price. It doesn't matter when you purchased it you will get an upgrade. I don't want to fool around with dates and fairness and all that.

I am doing this because I love this community and I volunteer to help people - I believe in the product so much. Much of the work-flow advice that I give in the eBooks is absolutely spot on. Aperture 3 adds some new twists especially with more than one computer. I will have my existing eBook library updated ASAP - probably this month as I am going to do it full time but take the proper care to make them the best out there at any price.

That being said - if you buy one now you will get the upgrade price, if you have one you will get the upgrade price. If you do not have one the prices are going up when the new ones are out. They will still be the best value in the Aperture 3 universe. They will be the best at the lowest price but I am going to do some new things like screencast videos etc. So whatever you buy now or later you will pay the same amount. That is the only fair way that I can do it. I am not going to penalizing my existing customers for buying them too soon.

The reason that I started doing this in the first place is that there were not a whole lot of accurate, innovative information on this amazing product. I don't believe in regurgitating the manual - that is not what you get. When I survey the landscape out there the price vs information is not there. It is here - since I am going to invest a ton of time in this I am going to have to raise my prices - a little bit.


Ps. I was right on holding off on the adjustments and the metadata eBooks - they are the ones that are changing in a gigantic way.

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