What's Wrong With This Picture?

Hey I know this guy is super duper popular for his introducing the everyman out there to using flash (even though he talks cheap and actually uses expensive things and big lights now or like 12 SB900's). I have to admit he has done some cool stuff way back but I just have to ask WTF lately?

I am a little picky - I admit it. I think 99% of commercial images published today are at best mediocre - formulaic - flat - juiced up in PS. I blame the audience for being so… accepting of what amounts to juiced up crappy images shot with not much care nor attention to detail. So what kind of glue was he on when he shot these images? Here is the blog post if you want to learn how NOT to position your lights, unfortunately he does not detail how he set his camera and gelled the lights to get one of the most horrific color balances I have ever seen between background, fill, and key.

Is it me? Are you this lax? I sure hope you can see what has me all twisted up here.


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