New Aperture eBook

Booktool.jpgWell it took a while but it's here. A new Aperture eBook. This one covers the Aperture book tool. If you have been following my posts you probably know how much I love making things with photos and how great I think the Aperture book tool is.

There is far more to the book tool that just Apple provided themes and Apple printed books. The book tool is really a tool to print any thing you want. Even if you don't print things it can do all kinds of stuff to combine images and text. Well enough on about the Aperture book tool and a little more about the eBook.

This is a strange eBook. It is in the normal vein of my other eBooks as in it is conceptual with concrete examples more than it is a regurgitation of the Aperture manual. I rewrote this one twice. I hope I got the balance right between explaining the tools and providing simple examples to reinforce the concepts. My last version was too heavy on design topics that clouds the issue so I got rid of that and use examples that don't focus on design at all. My first version was way too technical explaining all kinds of things nobody but me will every give a crap about. This one I hope is a good balance and more what I had in mind when I started.

I think it is good for people that have never used the book tool as well as those that have but have a lot of questions about it as well. The one thing I do not do is explain things like what a text box is or what a picture box is - those things are self evident and make the conceptual part too hard to get through. Even with leaving out complicated design, and explanations of each and every individual tool it ended up being longer than I expected - about 12,000 words.

Even though I provide a few step by step examples to reinforce the topics discussed, I included some bonus content as well. A couple of screencasts that walk through the first few examples and one of the Automator workflows that I discuss, just so you don't have to use Automator itself if you don't want to.

Take a look Aperture eBooks.



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