Aperture Book Tool - Screen Cast Take Two

Okay, if your finely tuned senses can take my harsh treatment of digital YouTube media in their somehow lousier quality than my original 720p version, here is take two of that short screencast that I asked your opinion on a few days ago.

I kept the pacing about the same as last time but monkeyed with the video settings and window size to better match to YouTube 720p. As all of you suggested I added some voice to go along with it. The sound is really crappy and distorted. I have a bunch of really decent microphones but…

I somehow misplaced my Apogee Firewire audio mixer in the shuffle of my chaotic life. I will find it soon, I hope, that thing is awesome. If you ever need a compact hight quality audio mixer check out the Duet. This time I just used my MacBook Pro's built in microphone and got rid of the noise - unfortunately that required boosting the voice frequencies up way too high - hence the distortion.

Let me know if you can tell what is going on, pacing, etc.

Thanks - feel free to leave other comments and suggestions as well. Help me get this thing right.


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