My New Favorite Apple Thing - My Magic Mouse

A friend gave me a new magic mouse around Christmas. I just wanted to say that after a month or so this thing has to be one of the best Apple toys ever. I am sure that I would have bought one myself - eventually. Actually I am sure I would have bought a new Mac that came with one in the box. I am not likely to buy a mouse for 70 bucks just because I am bored but I have to tell you guys, if you don't have one - you need one.

First off - no more dirty track ball that stops functioning. Secondly this thing is actually a very beautiful piece of sculpture. It has to be one of the best looking objects ever - even if it just sat there like a paperweight. Third - you never knew how much time you wasted with scrolling things until you do not have to waste that time anymore. I swear the magic mouse will make you more productive. Even in Aperture.

It is sort of like when Apple enabled two finger scrolling on their mouse pads only better. I don't know about you but after two finger scrolling on my MacBook Pro I could  never go back to a regular track pad. Same thing with this mouse. I will never give up scrolling. Absolutely fantastic. If you need to scroll somewhere this is the way to go - really fast. For that matter really slow as well. It really is magic.


Ps. Almost forgot - check out this software to make it even better - better touch tool

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