Aperture - Bizarre Import Behavior

I have offered the One On One service for photographers and Aperture users for about a week now. So far so good. I have had the chance to meet a bunch of really nice people and give them a hand on topics ranging from beginning Aperture use to helping them solve some complex work-flow issues to helping them diagnose some interesting and bizarre issues that I have never seen before. All of the people that have signed up so far have expressed their wonderment at my apparent depth on the subject matter - heck I even recommended a retouch artist that I worked with in LA a while ago to someone for a new clothing line he is launching.

Getting to the point - I wanted to share something that I discovered while helping a photographer the specializes in children's portraiture. She has owned Aperture for a little over two years but has never been able to get it to work. She bought a new Mac and still no luck. The problem was simple enough - the import wouldn't  import. In fact it would not even display any images at all in the folders she was trying to import. No outlines - nothing. The files were there as you could see in the finder. Regular old JPEGs.

I worked on this for about 15 minutes and got Aperture to work except in one set of directories that happened to store all of her finished files. Aperture would navigate the folders just fine it just failed to display any images in that folder hierarchy. Vexing!

The answer - the top level folder name had a tilde in it as in "XXASDF ~ asdfasdfas". This would never happen to me because it would never occur to me to name something with a tilde considering I am an old unix guy but she thought they looked "prettier" than a dash. Guess what happens if a tilde is in the file name? Aperture will not display any images in the import window for that folder or any other folder under it. Bizarre.

Just thought I would share this for all you Aperture users out there as an anecdote and something to look at when you are experiencing a vexing issue with Aperture or anything else. Don't look at this as a literal answer - more as a philosophical example. Yea it is a strange way to name a folder but Aperture can navigate it. It doesn't seem to cause any issues for anything else but… It is way different than "normal" and that thing that is different even if stupid could aggravate a bug or whatever you might want to call it.


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