Aperture eBook Announcement

DSC_9697___Version_2__1_.jpgI have received a bunch of encouragement and suggestions from people that have downloaded my Aperture eBooks. I thank everyone for their input. I do take it to heart. I have also received some questions about the "coming soon" eBooks.

Questions like:

  • When?
  • What happens with Aperture 3?
  • What's next?
  • Can I just get them all with one click?
  • If I buy them all can I get a special deal?

I am going to let you know where my head is at and if anyone else has some input or suggestions please do not hesitate to chime in. I really want to make them accessible and as good as they can be.

Let me start by saying that I choose the first two subject based on the lack of available information out there on the topics that I covered. The next one will be the same. It will cover some ground on the Aperture Book tool. It will be out in about a week and it will be in the same context of the eBooks so far. It will assume that you have seen the book tool and will not spend a whole lot of time talking about the obvious.

This one was a tough one to keep succinct, cover a lot of ground, and provide some illustrations & examples that should point you in the right direction for getting anything done. The issue that I had with it is that if you try to follow just the words and a few screenshots but are new to Aperture you could get lost. Hence I will be providing some bonus content. First of all, you probably guessed this one - a few screen casts that walk through the examples in the text visually. The other thing is a download or two of technical stuff that I describe but some people may not feel comfortable monkeying with themselves - like automator PDF scripts. So there you have what is coming this week.

As for the other ones. Here is where I am at - I offer these things at a ridiculously low price compared to what is out there (check yourself and let me know if there is a better value - yea right). I do not want to get tangled up with "upgrades" and Aperture 3. I feel that the eBooks so far are stand alone and will be extremely helpful no matter what happens with Aperture 3 and changes - some stuff you just gotta know. Of course I will update them for Aperture 3. I may even put something out on Aperture 3 ONLY assuming you have read the other eBooks.

Here is the rub - I have a good feeling that some of the stuff that I have not published yet will probably see the most substantial changes. Adjustments, metadata, and things of that ilk so I am holding off on publishing those for a wee bit. They are pretty much done for Aperture as it sits now but I would feel terrible if Aperture 3 hit next week or next month and I just sold 200 copies of adjustment and metadata eBooks that may be somewhat obsolete - the book stuff, the organization, the file management - we will probably see more but the current paradigm will not be obsolete - it will have additional options and features.

As for multi-eBook purchases. I will probably implement a shopping cart for people that two or three when they are all out but I will probably just keep the prices for all of them extremely low and not do any gimmicky discount crap. It's too confusing and too gimmicky for my tastes. The buying pattern so far has been less then 20% of people buy one and immediately buy the other it has been more like 60%+ buy one and then a few days later buy the other one.

Let me know what would be convienient or better for you.

Just wanted to keep everyone up to date - if my thought process is off on this please chime in.


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