New One On One Service - Aperture + Photography

DSC_9527.jpgHere is the big news. I will be offering a new service to help readers that need a little more specific or intensive assistance than a blog comment or an email. A dozen or so people have asked me for this kind of assistance and I have been hesitant to provide it. Actually I have provided it for free. Rather than doing it on a hit or miss basis, trying to schedule it around my "real" business I have decided to offer it as a service integrated into my "real" business.

It's really not new - I do workshops and provide One on One assistance to many photographers that are local to me via workshops and in person help. The new part is that I will be offering it as a remote service to anyone that needs it. What kind of things will I offer? Obviously help with Aperture work-flow, printing, or even problem resolution. The nice part is I am a photographer - not a tech support person so I can provide help with a wide range of photography related topics at the same time. Camera gear. The best way to approach shooting your chosen subject with the gear you have. Making your work-flow more efficient. You name it. All in the context of Apple Aperture or other software that I know if you choose but you know my favorite.

I have struggled with how to make this work well and have landed on what I think will be practical and provide a good value. You contact me via email and tell me what kind of help you need. I respond with how long of a session that will be by my estimate. One hour, or one half hour being typical for focused topics. I also send a schedule of available time slots. You purchase time in 1/2 hour blocks. We set up a remote connection and voice - either you to me or me to you and we do it.

That is simple enough and so far my clinical tests have suggested this is probably the best way to approach this kind of service. If you have any suggestions let me know. If you need help contact me with your needs - that part is free. If I don't think a One on One session will be helpful I will be candid and let you know that as well.

If anyone that I have helped One on One in a workshop or locally - feel free to chime in and let people know what you thought.

Here is the detail page and order page.


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