Holy Crap - The Site Is White

Yep, The site is white. It's not you - you did not die and this is some ghostly experience. Something big is coming and it's coming tomorrow. Am I talking about Aperture 3? Well maybe we'll get Aperture 3 tomorrow but this is not quite that big and it is coming tomorrow. It may not be big to you but it is big for me. It is a commitment from me to offer a couple of services that are very related to Aperture as well as some other topics that are photography related.

Will it cost money you ask. The short answer is yes. The long answer is that it won't be a whole lot of money - it will be just right. Enough for me to treat the service seriously and professionally as I do with the "real" work I do but not so much that nobody will want it or be able to afford it. I am finishing up the final touches on it and will probably post something later this evening or early tomorrow - This is for sure, so there won't be any Aperture 3 guessing games.

About a dozen of you out there know exactly what it is - you asked for it.

On another note - let me know what you think of the white. Do you like the opposite color better? Do you want me to stick with the old traditional RB color scheme after the gala event? Should I stick with this color scheme - is it better for you?

Here is our own little off-year special election that we can vote on without the need for a political argument.

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