Dagnabit - No Aperture 3 Today.

Well, I guess we might still see it soon. Maybe? Not today. I will keep plugging away at my old Aperture. I will have to buy one of the tablets just to console myself. Maybe it will out by the time the tablets are actually available. Who knows but this is getting ridiculous. Well, it's really not so bad - it could be way worse, like if I had to use Lightroom or something. That is still a fate that I do not want to befall us all.

Don't take me wrong - Lightroom is better than nothing but certainly nothing to be excited about after Aperture. As I have said before it is not much different in productivity and image management than using Bridge/ACR/PS. I just want Apple to spread some 64bit goodness on my favorite photo management program. Is that too much to ask? Really?


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