Oh My God - Aperture 3 Could Actually Be Real

Based on super secret research of my own and jumping to a lot of conclusions I really really think Aperture 3 is here - or will be maybe tomorrow. Here is the scoop. As many of you know I am about the only Aperture guy that actually participates in the Apple forums in any regular or frequent way. The other guys are mercenary and will not help anyone if they are not getting paid. Forget that for a moment, I don't want to rant too much.

Anyway - over the last few days the Apple Aperture forum and other Aperture related pages have been down far more frequently than usual. Here is the kicker - for more than a day the Aperture 2 tutorials have  been unavailable as well. Is this all in preparation for the new stuff, the new Aperture. Aperture 3, Aperture X, whatever. The holy grail of all things photo software?

I actually am more excited by this than any of the other little indicators that I have seen in many months. This is typical of a new product. Is it just coincidence? A trick?

I hope not.



Breaking news… or Breaking French Bullshit. See if you can decipher what the hell these Aperture guys are talking about - as near as I can tell the guy that posted it is claiming some sort of "inside info". See what you can get out of it:

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