Aperture Workflow Tip - Album Picks

albumpick.jpgWhile we are anxiously waiting to see if Aperture 3 will pop out somewhere in the midst of all the iTablet hoopla this week, I thought I would offer a small tip for your current Aperture workflow. This is one that is obvious once you hear it but can be extremely frustrating if you "expect" Aperture to work differently than it actually does.

As long time users know one of the secrets to using Aperture effectively is taking full advantage of the way Aperture stacks, albums, and album picks work. As usual I promote the extremely liberal use of albums and new versions for just about everything imaginable. I was coaching a fellow Aperture user on a particular nuance that was frustrating him and thought his issue might be frustrating more than a few people.

Typically if you make a new version in the context of an album it automatically becomes the album pick. This is fantastic as I have described numerous times in many of the workflow related tips on this site and in the Aperture organization eBook. Here is the rub - a lot of external editors and plug-in's do not behave the same way. In many cases when you create a new version via "edit with…" the new version using the external program is NOT made the album pick. Adding to the frustration is that you cannot select a bunch of versions and make them all the album pick at the same time - this doesn't work. There is no way to promote a selection of images to album picks or stack picks. Only the primary selection is affected. Now what - tedious one by one promotion to album pick for your plug-in adjusted images? No way, that is way way to slow - we may as well use Lightroom's feeble organizational tools and mouse heavy UI.

Here is the answer. After creating new plug-in edited versions with reckless abandon in say Nik SilverEFX select all of the adjusted new versions. Make this easy on yourself and just use the search box to search for file types of TIF or something like that (version names if you need to). Then use Command-A to select them all. How every you do it when all the appropriate versions are selected - hit Command - L or use the context menu to create a new album from selection. Done! That's it - all of the versions selected will be the album picks in the new album.

Hope this helps shave a little time off your work-flow. (Us Aperture users are a demanding lot aren't we)


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