PDN Is Offering A Reward For Pictures Of Aperture 3

Our good friend Michael just sent me a note that PDN is offering a reward for any pictures of Aperture 3. They are offering one dollar. It is sort of a spoof on another site's giant reward for a picture of an iTablet but I am a little annoyed that they go on to say that no one is really clamoring for an Aperture 3 release.

They are sort of right if you take the entire Apple gadget market place into account but this is PDN - a site read by PHOTOGRAPHERS. Are they kidding? No one is waiting for Aperture 3? Then they offer a dollar for a reward - soft of like a who give's a shit. Are these guys on the Adobe payroll? Here is the issue - the couple of comments on the article are all about the iTablet and really nobody has chimed in and let PDN know how stinking much us Aperture guys really want an Aperture 3.

Here is the Article - you may want to let your voice be heard over there at PDN and let them know there is quite a loyal fan base for Aperture and they want Aperture 3 right freaking now. I know it's not that big of a deal but come-on PDN.


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