Photographer's Web Sites - Hateful Thought Of The Day

I know I rant about this all the time but today after surfing a couple of different photographer's web sites I just have to let the steam vent a little (again). First off let me say - every site I visited the photographer's work was fantastic. I expected it to be. I have seen it before. The issue is the site itself. It is not that it is ugly, it's not. The issue is that somehow photographer's seem to be disconnected from the rest of the internet universe in terms of what is annoying when using the web.

I include myself in that group - just listen to the complaints in the comments about the light text on the black background. I may reverse it just so it doesn't get in the way of the content when I get a chance. Given the hideously disorganized mess of redundant CSS that I "borrowed" and hacked at, this will be a real task. Moving on to a crime that I am not guilty of that every other photo guy out there is - F'ing Flash. It's not just flash, it's the idiotic pain in the ass perpetrated by the flash guy who does these "photographer" web sites. Every freaking photographer seems to use the same guy or guys from the same school of thought.

The characteristics they all share that are so annoying I can't even put the annoyance into words are as follows:

  1. Somehow no matter how functionally deficient, the flash uses so much CPU that even having the site sit up there on your screen gets the fans whirling and at least one 3 Ghz CPU completely pegged. Amazing.
  2. They have an intro screen that takes a 30" monitor to see it all. On top of that there is usually NOTHING on that page except an "enter" button or something like that that is not clear that you have to mouse over to even figure out what to do next. That ONE thing that gets you into the next flash disaster is 700 scrolls to the right somewhere.
  3. Without you wanting to do anything the flash does "stuff" either it moves stuff or about 900 images are scrolling by fast and then slow and then the other way like some sort of game that depends on where your mouse is in the window seeming to have not a whole lot of correlation to actually wanting that to happen.
  4. No back buttons - no browser controls whatsoever. A completely new and devilishly complex UI invented by who the F knows who.
  5. Idiotically tiny tiny images so they do not get "stolen" as if a 600 pixel or 700 pixel image is SOOOOO MUCH more "steal-able" than a 200 or 300 pixel image.
  6. Half the time they execute the ol' let's make the browser window full screen to display the 300 pixel image.
  7. Thumbnails that are really hard to even differentiate one image to the next in most cases.

Hey I get how elegant a lot of white space is - I really do. But there are degree's of it that are totally forked up. Like printing a 3 foot by 4 foot book and showing 4inch by 6 inch images one on each page. Can someone please explain why 90% of photographers do this? - not just the lousy ones. Do they really think that this is the way the web works. or should work? Please, please.


Ps. Maybe that is why I don't have an on-line portfolio.

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