Breaking News - iTablet, iLife 10, iPhone OS4.

1999_026_10.jpgFox News says…

It has from a good source that the Apple event will include iTablet, iLife 10, iPhone OS4 but no word on Aperture 3 - God damn it. I am starting to get really really mad now. Something - please just something. I cannot stand the anticipation. It's killing me.

I get this way before any Apple event - even if I don't get my Aperture 3 I am sure I will get some shiny new object to keep me distracted for a while longer but let's all hope we get something, even if it's just a rename from Aperture 2 to iAperture '10. Maybe then Apple will remember it exists. The trend is that any product - hardware or software does not get a whole lotta Apple love if it does not start with an i. My theory is if it at least get's renamed to iAperture that Apple will accidentally upgrade it more frequently just because it will get lumped in with all the other iProducts that get revisions, upgrades and features about every 20 or 25 minutes.


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