Aperture 3 - Yet Another Rumor

All sorts of excited activity over on a Dutch website regarding a couple of different book sellers in the EU allegedly offering a book for sale with Aperture 3 as the title. I know that this is the same kind of thing that happened with the Amazon book Aperture X a few months ago but get this - multiple sites have the same book by the same author all stating the availability date is mid February.

Could this be true - is our wait over. Will it have all the 64bit GPU grandcentral accelerated goodness with Viveza baked in? Maybe a vastly improved default RAW decode for us NEF users. A revamp of the book tool? All that and a few things that we never even thought of?

We can only hope but what is that show that the boss lady is always making some sort of fun of the Dutch? "Better Off Ted".


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