The Sieff Book - My Apologies

2000_064_07.jpgNo I am not obsessing on Seiff again but I had to post a quick apology to those of you that are still reading the post and looking for the book that I recommended. If you have not followed my articles for a while you may get the impression that I am some sort of elitist that only recommends very very expensive "stuff". My general MO is good value as in my suggestions for low cost solutions to photographic endeavors. Hey take a look at my eBook prices and my price for a sample print.

Here is the story. When I posted the follow up article to Sieff recommending a book I went to my own library and picked my favorite Sieff book. I bought this think in the early 1990's for like 30 or 40 bucks - it's right on the back dust jacket. I bought it from Borders. As a convenience I posted a search link to Amazon for that book. After I put up the article with the link I visited it myself to make sure that it worked. Sticker shock - the book was not available from Amazon itself but was available new from 3 different venders. Each of those vendors wanted like $149.00 for the new ones. There were also a few dozen used copies available that were priced from $90.00 to $149.00.

I was shocked that it was so expensive but I thought in 2010 $90 would still be fine for a book of this quality. Well it is now almost two weeks later and I was alerted by a reader that I am nuts. Why does he think I am nuts? Because since I posted the article there is only one vendor selling new copies and they are now priced at $350.00. There are also only 13 used copies available.

I have no idea if I caused a run on the books or it is a total coincidence. I did feel compelled to tell all of you that I am not in the habit of recommending $350 books. In fact I don't think I own a book that cost me even half that.



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