Kodak Ektalure Paper - Misadventures In Analog Photography

Ektalure.jpgNot all things go as planned with shooting film and printing on "real" silver paper. That's okay though because sometimes they lead somewhere else. I wish I was the kind of person that was a "lemonade from lemons" kind of attitude - I am probably too much of a control freak for that but when it does happen I like to share it.

I recently acquired a HUGE box of Kodak Ektalure black and white paper - I had big plans for this if it were "good". Kodak stopped making this stuff a long long time ago and although I did not use it as a standard - there were some images that were made for this paper. It had a unique surface texture - not to much but unique. It had a unique base color and it had a very unique and malleable emulsion color that you could tweak to very different hues with development, toning, etc.

Long story short - I have a small stock pile of good Ektalure but not really enough to do a serious large project. I was hoping this "new" box would give me some breathing room. As you can tell from the attached image it is badly fogged and not too useful for general purposes but…

I kind of liked the image that this produced with my a test image that I use to evaluate a lot of graded and multi-contrast papers for a lot of reasons that I will not go into here. It got me thinking that I may want to try to "Lith" this paper. No amount of restrainer or anti-fog agent will let this paper work well with normal exposure - the fog is too dense but…. I can see clearly based on knowing my test negative that the fog will not even be in the realm of usable exposure for a Lith print so my next order from Freestyle has a couple of different Lith type developers to see what I can do with this paper.

I will let you know how it turns out.


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