Important Pictures Revisited

1999_024_04.jpgI have said it before and I will say it again - the most important pictures you will ever make are the ones of your family and those people that are close to you. They may not be important to anyone else. They may not even be "good" but they will be the most important. The reason that I continue to beat everyone that will listen over the head with this is because of my own experience and the number of photographers that I have interacted with over the years that do not shoot people that are close to them. Okay - so you are a landscape photographer, or a sports photographer, or a fashion photographer. That might be an important part of earning a livelihood or an important part of your artistic expression but the images are not nearly as important as those of people that are close to you.

I just posted two random images of daughter number one and two in this post as an example along with two images I plucked at random from one of my daughter's facebook pages. I hope that you can see what I mean. The one at the top is daughter number two. Here is daughter number one.2000_027_29.jpg

The old pictures are from the beginning of the 00's the new ones are at the end of the 00's. If this does not make my point not much will. If you can't tell who's who in my images it doesn't matter. I will give you a hint - the blurry one is both of them. The others are with their friends they are usually the skinniest people in the photo but in the color one - white dress and black and white one - the white hat.





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