ADOX MCC 110 - What Does A Sample Print "Look" Like

AdoxMCC110_1.jpgWrapped up my first batch of sample prints last night and they are now being "flattened". They will ship Monday before noon. I got a few questions on "what they look like". Well it's kind of hard to put into words but I will try briefly. They look a whole lot like my contact sheets but bigger and on typical air dried fiber black and white paper. They may curl a bit due to the changing environment and not being final mounted art work. They are meant to be educational and provide a reasonable evaluation of the actual material.

As is par for the course I will occasionally screw up a print - badly. Or run a quick test to fully evaluate how a negative responds to a paper. When I do this I will sometimes include the damaged print with a slightly different treatment than the undamaged print. I do this because the damaged prints and initial tests will end up in the trash anyway but may be useful for someone trying to evaluate the paper or even someone just getting into black and white printing. These are actual scans of two actual trial printsAdoxMCC110_2.jpg I did to evaluate Adox MCC 110's response to this negative in the highlights/mids/shadows. I actually ended up with something in the middle-ish as the actual work print. What did I do with these? They are going out to some unlucky winner of the random lottery along with the work-gradeprint sample. Yep all three. Why not - they are very useful in evaluating what the paper does.

One last thing - here is the "brief writeup" [download#12] that I was talking about that also comes with each test print. This one corresponds to this negative/print match-up on Adox MCC 110


You can get one here - I have processed a number of special requests so far and will probably add variations the prove to be more than one-offs so do not hesitate to ask.

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