Adox MCC 110 Print Sample Update

2000020_002.jpgWell, I guess I am not crazy for thinking that at least a couple people would want print samples. I may still be crazy for thinking that I can do this for $8.99 and keep my sanity. We will see - the jury is still out. Just wanted to post a brief update and answer a couple of questions that people had on the print samples. So here we go.

1) I absolutely will ship internationally. So far I have had a couple of people inquire about this. For the most part I am willing to eat the cost difference to the EU for a single print. For more than one - get in touch and we can work something out.

2) I mentioned a brief write up will be included - here is what it amounts to: My shooting notes when I made the negative. My darkroom notes from when I processed the negative - times/temps/agitation/etc. My darkroom notes on how the print was made - exposure/contrast/developer/etc. I do throw in a couple of observations about the entire print/film/exposure decisions/etc. This is a very brief one pager - not a how to book.

3) Unless something changes I will probably be expanding and fine tuning this a little. I have already gotten some interesting ideas and suggestions so if you have a suggestion/request feel free to let me know via email or just comment on the site.

I was really surprised at the reasons that people might want a sample print - My intent was just to give people an up close and personal of some specific black and white papers with common film formats. Of course that is great but the reasons for some people wanting these is very diverse - specific lenses, cameras, films, developers. Etc. So far I have accommodated special requests - If I can I will.

The first products will ship this weekend - Thanks for all the encouragement and seriously let me know what other things might be of interest. If you want one of the highly NOT collectable sample prints from edition one gotta get me the order before Friday morning.


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