Print Samples Now Available - Massive Experiment

1999_021_08small.jpgOkay - Here they are. Real honest to goodness hand made black and white prints on real honest to goodness bayarta coated fiber based silver gelatin paper. This is an experiment. If it goes well and I can continue to do it without killing myself I will expand it to cover more materials or whatever other suggestions or ideas popup. If I cannot do it and remain sane I will cancel it and fulfill any pending orders.

Here is what I did to make this what I thought it should be. I selected 4 different negatives that have massively different tonalities on 4 very common films that can be obtained just about anywhere on the planet. The negatives were shot on both 35mm and 120 medium format black and white films and processed in very different but easily obtainable developers. Even though they have massively different tonality - they are all will make a reasonable print without any gymnastics whatsoever. In other words a strait print with no dodging burning bleaching toning - nothing. Print, develop, fix, wash, dry. that is it. Of course you or I could do just about anything to them and interpret the negative a thousand different ways. That is not the point of the print samples.

The point is to have a sample of what currently available analog materials that will provide reasonable results in anyone's home darkroom will do - up close and personal with just rudimentary care and basic skill. On top of that if you already do this, you may want to get a sample of some materials that I actually use. I swear I wish somebody was doing this when I ran across a material I was interested in before investing $100 in it.

So what are the materials? For the experimental launch of this endeavor I am focusing on a paper that I discovered a short time ago - Adox MCC 110 Fiber based paper. I really like this stuff. It is a remake of an Agfa classic that was much loved but is now gone. The original version was Agfa Classic 111 paper. The emulsion itself is the same but they actually made it a bit different and in my opinion better. The MCC is coated on a brighter white base instead of warm base. This combination with a very slightly warm emulsion, just a tick warmer than completely neutral is very subtle and very very nice without being over the top warm like a lot of warm tone papers are. I am so enamored with it, I chose it to be the center of this little experiment.  You can get your sample print right here. Hurry while supplies last - only kidding - hurry before I am declared insane and hauled off to the asylum for trying to actually do this for a reasonable price. If I start to fall behind it is over real quick.

Wish me luck - if the negatives that I have selected do not suit your needs for a sample let me know why and I will try to accommodate.


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