Jeanloup Sieff - Follow-up

JeanLoupSieff_HarpersBazaar1964_contact.jpgYes I am obsessing on Sieff - got a couple of more emails either thanking me for turning people onto him that have never seen his work or thanking me for reminding them of this fantastic photographer. I also got a couple requests to recommend the "best" book of Sieff's work. Well I have a few and have no idea if there are newer better books than my favorite. My favorite book that I happen to own on Sieff is titled "Jeanloup Sieff 40 Years of Photography". This book is fantastic, it is printed well, has a diverse selection of his work on the various genres and formats he used. It also has a great biography that is interesting and engaging. As soon as I read this book I instantly got where this guy was coming from and found that I shared similar aesthetic sensibilities as well as similar attitudes towards things in life (not always positive).

The really great thing about this book is the captions on all of the photographs. They are open, truthful without a hint of pretense. It is almost like you are sitting down having a candid private conversation with Sieff - one that he would have with a trusted friend. I guess that is what struck me about this particular book. The photographs he choose and the personal captions are truly unique from a photographer of this calibre.

Here are just two random examples of what I am talking about:

The Duchess of Windsor, Paris 1953

"This is a portrait commissioned by 'Elle'. Having no idea what to do with the good woman, I had her go deeper and deeper under the branches of this tree, hoping against hope that she would disappear altogether."

Dressing room at Guy Laroche, Paris 1957

"Today models where tights rather than girdles….(more). Pity, there was something moving about the elastic marks…(more)"

This is the book I am talking about. Jeanloup Sieff: 40 Years of Photography (Multilingual Edition)


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