Stupid Product Idea

I have had about 700 people email me questions about various films/developers/papers/lenses and equipment that I happen to comment on here at the old random photography blog that is sometimes chockfull of Aperture goodness. A heck of a lot of those questions are about film, paper, prints, and developer materials for film photography. Hey I may be one of the few that love the stuff but I have become acutely aware that there are many more photographers and even consumers of photography that are also interested in film and traditional photographic materials.

I say this all the time and really mean it - you have to see it in person to appreciate it. Words and stupid web images do not cut it. If I could afford to be a wealthy philanthropist I swear I would send out actual samples of various materials to anyone that was interested. I am not so here is stupid product idea #17 that may eventually morph into something else if there is any interest whatsoever. Ta Da.

Samples of stuff that I happen to use without making an investment in any of it. Samples of some of the various fiber based papers that I happen to use - real fiber silver paper - not inkjet. With actual 8x10 prints on them. I am not talking about "art" with ridiculous prices like $600 for a print. I am talking about a work grade print on materials that I happen to use priced at the cost of materials + shipping in a "do not bend fold or mutilate" envelope. Like 5 or 10 bucks.

I may even give you a choice of a couple different formats of negative or something like that. I figure it might be worthwhile for those that are interested in "real" analog photography and what it looks like from a home darkroom AND people that already know but want a sample of a particular material they want to try without investing in 100 sheets of the stuff.


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Ps. If anyone is interested in this I may actually expand the idea to a sample book of paper and even some big sheet film negative/developer/paper sample packages or something like that. I really believe in this stuff and want to make it more accessible to others if I can.

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