Sieff - A Follow-Up

default_ecard_sieff_01_0706191731_id_51257.jpgFunny thing - I have had a ton of people come up and thank me for posting the little blurb regarding Jeanloup Sieff. Well not really "come up" but email me, message me, and even mention it in another forum. Seems that a lot of people really like his work, did find it inspirational, and here is the surprise - NEVER HEARD OF HIM BEFORE.

Well - here is a couple of little tidbits that I thought might also be interesting to you. First off he is not a large format photographer, he is not a medium format photographer, and he is not a 35mm photographer. He is all three. So many photographers are nailed to a format, even if they occasionally shoot in a different format. Ansel Adams - large format guy. Richard Avedon - Large format guy, etc. Sieff used 35mm, medium format, and large format with equal success and was not pinned down to the conventions and methods of working with each of them. One of the reasons his work is so diverse. To this day whenever I get uptight because somehow I feel pressure to focus my attention on a specific format with all of the trappings that go along with them I think of Sieff's work and I relax and do what I feel like doing today.

I know you are all dying to know what stuff he used. Okay - from my recollection he shot Leica range finders in 35mm, Hasselblad gear in medium format, and to tell you the truth I really do not recall what is 4x5 gear was.

If you like his work on the internet you owe it to yourself to grab a well printed book of his work. A good place to start would be one of the retrospectives that encompass a good representation of all three formats. I have probably copied Sieff 's work more than just about any other photographer when I used to shoot commercial (at least when I was allowed to).


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