Photographic Inspiration - Jeanloup Sieff

2002_016_06.jpgThis guy has been one of my photographic heros since I was a kid. I sought him out after trying to figure out who the heck shot some of the fashion advertising images in magazines that I was blown away with. When I was a late teenager or in my early twenties I read a biography that was available and instantly knew that I identified with his aesthetic and more than that totally got where he was coming from. He remains on my top list even now through a my very jaded perspective.

I find Jeanloup Sieff's images as fresh today as the moment I saw the first one that knocked my socks off. You can see his official website here but like a lot of photographer sites, it is a pain in the ass and is not at all comprehensive of his work. This guy shot for a long long time and is usually recognizable at first glance, his work is diverse and extremely vast. You may be better off just using google image for Jeanloup Sieff.

One more thing - like a lot of fantastic work you have to see the prints - really. Even a well done book on good paper will leave your jaw on the floor.

Enough words - Enjoy!


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