Have A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

2009_010_21.jpgOr Happy Holidays for the politically infantile. Anyway I wanted to wish you all the best in case I don't post anything else before Christmas. I will probably talk at you prior to the new year. I have a bunch of stuff in my handy dandy notebook that I want to prattle  on about. So here are a couple of random Christmasy images to serve as a substitute for actual Christmas cards for all the readers out there.

I hope that Santa leaves something nice and photographic for you under the tree. I will probably not get any of my age old lust objects, like that Para FB thing this year. All I can hope for is a couple of boxes of 8x10 TRI-X or something - I don't think I have been good enough for anything big and giant and expensive.2009_010_26.jpg

Well talk about New Years resolutions - at least the photographic kind around New Years or so. I have plenty ofJ2464x1632_29349.jpgthem. With respect for the photos - I cannot help but take pictures of shiny stuff - call me easily amused by shiny objects. The not so shiny one is an ariel view of the snow in my front yard the other day - that is about as close to snow as I get. I didn't want to leave you color photo people out so here is a shiny object for you to.

Best Wishes


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