What Do You Think of My New Lens?

2009_0001_1200dpi.jpgYea, I know that my test shots are boring and stupid but look beyond that for a second. I got this thing today and could not wait to see what it looked like on film. My new lens is a 13 inch triple convertible Wollensak Velostigmat with a Compur shutter from the 1930's. Actually it is 3 lenses a 20 inch, a 13 inch, and a 25 inch depending on how you screw it together. It's uncoated and just what I wanted. Nobody was around and I didn't want to wait so I just grabbed the first think near me and shot wide open at all of f6.3.

I happen to shoot this on 4x5 Efke PL100 in my 8x10 camera. Heck the stuff is downright cheap compared to my beloved Kodak 8x10 film that is like $5 sheet. Snapped the picture and went strait to the darkroom to process this in a tray with Pyrocat HD. Not too bad for a crappy Microtek scan huh?

So why did I want this lens? Because some of my Schneiders and Nikkors that cover 8x10 are too too too sharp for a project that I am planning to start very soon - my ever delayed all 8x10 portrait project - I am going to actually make contact prints as the final output. I have one more thing to do before I start - I am negotiating a price for another really old lens that is even softer than this one with a larger aperture. I want to do the whole project with the same lens and  same materials throughout. This is my way of procrastinating things that I know are big big jobs but there is only one item left. If I don't get the price I want to pay, this one will do fine.


Ps. What is the very first thing that you shoot when you get a new lens. You know you shoot stupid crap to. Admit it already and don't even say you wait to fire off the first shot.

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