Photography - State of the Union

It's that time again, time for my not so regular rant on Photography's state of the union. Well maybe not rant but search for understanding. My inspiration was a fellow photographer that I met wielding s brand spanking new state of the art 20 some megapixel DSLR. It wasn't his first DSLR. Some really nice glass to. I actually had an M6 with me but it was inside a small bag.

We got to discussing photography and as you would expect and guess what. This guy doesn't make prints - really. Well he does on the rare occasion but that is only once in a while and when he does they are 8 inches-ish wide. No crap, I can't make this stuff up. Now I can see that if you are a working PJ and somebody else consumes your stuff and prints it why you would use a pro calibre high Mpix DSLR with big glass, even if you didn't print personally. So let's count those people out.

The vast majority of image consumption if you measure all images and all consumption is heading towards the web. Let's even narrow that down to journalism and commercial advertising - we hear this every day. The trend is away from printed media. Let's flip flop that and go with the consumer side of the equations. Not much printing that I can tell if my little circle of non-photographer friends and family are an indicator. They all love those little LCD picture frames and blazing through their images on the computer screen and then emailing a really small (700px on the long end) image to their friends or posting said image on the web in a few different ways.

So here is the question - why the hell is everyone so freaking obsessed with new better higher resolution cameras. Why  - I really really do not get it. I don't get it. Please explain this to me. I am confounded by what seems to be completely illogical. Publish material about how to make better pictures (as in take them, not post process them into brash bold shocking trash) and nobody cares. Publish material on the latest greatest digital camera release - everyone that has no need has to know. I guess it is the same reason that everyone gives a crap about Tiger Woods and what he does with his personal life and I have no idea why.

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