Shooting Film - Kodak Plus-X and Reader Curiosity

2002_010_01.jpgWay way way back I wrote a blurb that had a digital photograph of a medium format negative on a light table. You may remember it, I think it was called Photographers and Their tools or something like that. Anyway, after posting that I decided to ask a question over at about not that specific negative but why Kodak Plus-X pan had a blue base.

I still do not have an answer to that question but I did get some interesting info - depending on your process the blue washes out, or not. As far as i can tell from all the input I got over on the APUG forum acid processes seem to remove the blue dyes and alkaline process seem to leave it there.

Getting to the point - a reader emailed me and ask what the actual printed image looked like. I could describe ti but I decided to scan it instead. I could do a better job at the scanning and post but this is a raw scan of the negative with no hanky panky. It doesn't match the print exactly but it's close enough for government work. In general the extreme highlights are rendered a little differently in the analog print. I could probably fix that here with a bit of gain dialed in to my scanner and some adjustments to compensate for the loss of shadow but who cares. At the end of the day I always thought that Kodak Plus-X and Pyro developers were a very good combination for caucasian skin tones. At least the way I like to render them.

In case you forgot - here is what the negative looked like on a light table.


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