Aperture vs. Lightroom - File Management Again

Woooo Whooo, I received my very first question from an Aperture File Management eBook customer. Of course I answered his specific question ASAP but something that I touch on in the book crossed my mind as well that I thought people considering Aperture vs. Lightroom at this point may want to consider. Even a few of you Aperture old timers may find this a little interesting.

I have written about Lightroom's and Aperture's comparative file management capabilities before but I wanted to add a different perspective or twist to it. There are a lot of people that choose to use Lightroom over Aperture because they "like" that Lightroom's only file organizational tool happens to be whatever manually created folder structure on their hard drive. Of course Aperture can do the exact same thing if that is all you want but Aperture can do so much more. Heck you can use Aperture to sort, select, categorize, arrange, and group images any way that you want and then…. TAHHH DAHHH - use the file relocate master functions in combination with the subfolder options to have Aperture automatically create just about any pristine folder structure with your images as you could possibly imagine. AUTOMATICALLY and error free.

Personally after using Aperture I would far prefer to import my images into Aperture no matter how big a mess my folder structure was. Organize them using all of the Aperture tools and metadata and then have Aperture create the exact folder structure I wanted on disk. Even if every single image I had was in one giant pile. Aperture can suck them in and create a pristine by date folder hierarchy in one import and one relocate. Fantastic.

Hell - If I had to use Lightroom I would probably buy Aperture for the sole purpose of automating and standardizing my on disk folder structure or reorganizing the whole thing if I change my mind. I actually find it laughable that Lightroom users are so adamantly against the way Aperture "deals with folders and files". That is only because they have no idea how quickly and easily Aperture can create recreate, reorganize, sort sift, wash, iron, and dry any folder structure that anybody could possibly imagine with about three mouse clicks.


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