My Very First Aperture eBook

Well, I told you that I have been busy. Actually it is not an eBook, it's an Aperture mini-eBook with a mini-price to match. This Aperture eBook happens to be about file management. Why file management you ask? Well because based on my non-clinical research that is what I happen to get the most questions on. As soon as people graduate from an entirely managed library they have a bunch of questions.

While I have tried to remain succinct, I have also attempted to be definitive in connecting all the dots with Aperture's file management tools. This is the first edition but as far as humanly possible I have verified everything that is in it to be accurate. Now that took some time. The PDF eBook is 25 pages and covers not only managed and referenced files but previews, some common scenarios as examples, backup, how to take your library on the road with you, a couple of tips for dealing with the inevitable broken or corrupted library, even a brief discussion on RAID.

Aperture eBooks

Here is some other news. You may have noticed that the PayPal donate button is gone. Here is the story - after two months I cannot even pay my hosting bill with the proceeds. Please know that I appreciate the many many folks that donated - I really do. Remember when I said I would give you a free eBook - well I lied. Well I didn't lie I just changed my mind. I didn't think that was fair since some people donated a whole lot and some people did not. Here is what I did instead - I accepted NONE of the donations, NOT ONE. Nobody that was kind enough to donate to my endeavors on the site has been billed not one dime yet and every single one that I received will have expired within 30 days from yesterday.

What I did instead was take the very smallest donation that I received, subtracted one penny, and made that the price of the eBook. If you want it and think it would help you great, if not that is fine to. If you made a donation that I did not collect and want to hold me to my word of a free eBook just give me an email - I do not want to be considered someone that goes back on my word.

If anyone has any issues buying or downloading the book please email me at [email protected] and let me know ASAP. If you are one of the first ones to get your hands on the first edition and find something horribly askew or have any suggestions to improve the next version drop me a line - if it is something other than a spelling error I may even give you a free copy of the other eBooks that are in progress.



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