Some Personal News

2000_001_22.jpgI have had a couple of emails from loyal readers wondering if I am okay. Yes I am okay - my little rant aside (thank you for all the support, I just wanted to vent a little). I have been a little busy lately so have not had much time to put into posting on the site. Here is why. Well first off I am putting a lot of work into some portrait projects that I am working on and I have decided to shoot it all on film - not just any film but 8x10 film - extremely time consuming and I am just getting started. I haven't shot 8x10 in years, just laziness.

The other reason I have had not a whole lot of time is I have been hard at work for the last month or so authoring some new Aperture e-book guides. I am trying to make them packed with practical information while keeping them as succinct as possible - not an easy thing to do. I hope to have them available within the next month or so, keep your eyes peeled - they are coming. I thought about one giant eBook but instead I settled on 5 smaller shorter and more focused eBooks on subjects that have generated the most questions that I get on the site as well as things I see over on the Apple support forum. The bad news is they will not be free - they will be a couple of bucks each for three reasons. The first being that I promised myself and others that this site would pay for itself next year. The second is that the time I am putting in to these is actually cutting into time I should be doing other things professionally (being self employed I really need to think about that). The third reason is that I provide a lot of time off-line answering questions and giving people support on the subject matter and I want to continue to do so. Anyone that donated to the site is welcome to the eBooks when they are available (I know who you are just email me).

Last but not least I just did an interview with Inside Analog Photo - The interviewer was great, really nice guy - me I am not so great but if you are interested you can hear it at this site. Feel free to leave comments but try to be nice.


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