The Rules of Photography - As I Know Them So Far

Yep, There are some rules that I have figured out. You may not like them but they are so far true as far as I can see. Here they are as plain as day.

  1. You cannot do better than what you are seeing, If it looks fantastic you will get only a tiny bit of that.
  2. Light cannot be better than what nature has produced, you can try but you will not get far.
  3. You are only a jerk with a camera and somehow you think you are the only one that can possibly see what you see. You are wrong, everybody sees exactly what you see - you may pay a little more attention to somethings than others and vis-a-vis buy you are no different.
  4. Your prints on paper will never ever ever be as bright as you saw them. Never.
  5. Your photos will suck compared to the one in the mind's eye.
  6. Your mind's eye sucks compared  to reality.
  7. No lens, camera, technique, or secret recipe will ever come close to recording exactly what you felt and what you wanted to show anyone else.
  8. Even if you know all of the above you will still try by all means possible to show just one other person exactly what you saw and felt.
  9. You have to be insane.
  10. Even if you hate the world you have to love.

Just some food for thought,


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