Seeker of Truth

I received an extremely hateful email today. I am usually conditioned to that, given that I actually put some kind of thought and position out there for the whole world to see, judge, and respond. I have responded to those both personally and privately that are seeking help. I have also mentioned a few where I thought it might be useful for other's questions.

This particular one I am going to address head on, I do not give a shit about anything else. In fact this one calls into question why I try to produce anything useful on the internet at all.

1) I love photography.

2) I love the accuracy of the medium.

3) I know and believe that every single image I have ever made tells the truth.

4) I believe that the camera can tell lies.

5) I believe people want to know truth.

6) I believe that seekers of better ways to tell lies are evil and those that seekers of better ways to tell truth are good.

I may be lame here but fuck this guy. FUCK HIM.


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