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I wanted to share with those of you that frequent the site (not via search or links to specific posts) some random thoughts and updates about the site. One thing that you may have noticed is the glaringly ugly Paypal button on the left hand side of the posts. Yep it's ugly and I hate to ugly up the site but I really need to make the whole thing cost neutral in 2010. If you find anything of value about Aperture, etc. I would really appreciate anything that you can afford - $1, $5, $10, $3.42 - whatever.

I have decided to do this because the site is not "you gotta have this thing" focused and I do not embed a lot of "you gotta buy this" links in the posts. I am affiliated with a grand total of two retailers that pay chump change for referrals - Amazon and B+H - only because I use them frequently myself. Some of you have decided to purchase a few items here and there via Amazon and one person from B+H, I really do thank those of you thad did but… That brought in $72 for 2009 - this doesn't cover my hosting - just another thing for the significant other to complain about. The big reason is not the amount of traffic I get it is the amount of things I write about - like Aperture - that most of the visitors already own in combination with the way other sites cheat on affiliate programs like Amazon, etc. Namely they use cookie stuffing - you visit the site, you end up with the sites code for every affiliate program known to man kind without even clicking on anything - it's not that I don't have the capability to do this - I am quite astute - I just find it morally unsettling. Hopefully the donate thing will help me make this cost neutral in 2010.

On another note - I made my commitment to Aperture public yesterday. I intend to continue to update and share my thoughts on Aperture 2 and hopefully Aperture 3 even if I am the last one standing. Why? Because I use it and I like it and it saves me time. Not because it is the most popular or profitable thing to write about on the internet. Trust me I get about 2000-3000 hits a day - not a lot but not too shabby either for a personal blog that talks about really specialized things and that happens with no tricky keyword business of trying to drive traffic to the site that has nothing to do with what people are looking for.

Funny example - guess what the number one post was for the last two days? Remember that silly "Most Glamourous Ever" post? Yep in the last two days that has generated the most views by a wide margin with everything else spread out evenly. The two search terms that got people to the post were "Raquel Welsh" and "Catherine Zeta-Jones" - I am sure that I am like 50 pages down the list but haven't checked. Funny.

Have a great weekend everybody.



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