If You Are Really Into Photography You Must Listen To This

A couple of times I have lamented the passing of Polaroid Corp. Sure I really miss the materials that I shot, especially Polaroid Type 55 P/N in large format. I even miss the color materials that I of course tried but never really used in any quantities or as an artistic medium. The one thing that never came through in those passing mentions of how sad I was that some of the materials itself are gone was how sad I was that the Polaroid company itself was gone.

Why this makes me sad is a really complicated and difficult issue to describe. Of all the companies related to photography that there are and that were, Polaroid had a very special relationship to photographers and the art of photography that grew up with film. I have had a couple of off-line conversations with some other people that understand this like I do but this interview, especially the second half of it, does a fantastic job of putting the whole thing into words that I could never do.

If you are into photography, like really into it, you need to listen to the interview with John Reuter over on the "Inside Analog Photo Radio" site. Even if you came up and are digital, understanding a little bit of history is a good thing.


Ps. Holy crap - am I turning into some sort of activist or something?

Pss. Sorry for the confusion - I just updated the links to contain the real meat of the interview - the Audi0. The video portion is nice but nothing compared to the audio interview.

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