The Most Important Images You Will Ever Make

1999_009_09.jpgA while ago I mentioned the concept of "important" images. My thoughts are that the pictures you make of people that are close to you are the most important ones that you will ever make. Not the abstract that win you third prize in the local art show. Not the ones that you make for advertisements that may pay the bills, etc. etc. Paying the bills is important but the images themselves are really not that important.

Here is a small example of what I am talking about. Take these couple of images. They are just a few of the images that I casually shot of daughter number 2. Amazing changes. The funny thing is that all of these are inside a space of under 2 years. While it is true that you will never take the same image twice or capture that same moment in time even if you shoot a tree in your garden or the beach or the lake. This is so much more true of people.

One of the things that I find amazing and sad. Is how much a lot of pro photographers do1999_024_04.jpgnot shoot the people that are close to them because it is too much like work. Even more astonishing to me is that a lot of photography oriented web 2000_005_16.jpgsites that you will visit put so little emphasis on how important this is. In fact a lot of sites that I run across treat images of people close to them as some how subservient to other photographic endeavors. I have seen pro after pro drone on incessantly about how to do landscape well and what equipment to use to light models and what cameras are the best for getting maximum quality for wildlife, etc, etc. when mentioning what they use or how they take images of people close to them they treat it like an afterthought. "Oh just any old digicam, it doesn't really2000_050_29.jpgmatter". I find this very disturbing.

I may be taking it a bit far here but I actually find it insulting to most people and why most people value photography. More dangerously than just being insulting, I really don't like the subtext that somehow shooting the people close to you is not as important as shooting a landscape or a model or whatever the more "professional" endeavor is.

2001-019-05_1.jpgJust had to say this. Sorry for the rant.


Ps. Since about 2 years old daughter number 2 has insisted on doing her own thing with the hair. So the style is all hers. She's pretty good at it now. Could you tell her favorite activity is drama (as in plays/acting)

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