Photographer's Secret Subjects - That Other Thing You Shoot

2009_005_16.jpgI had a very interesting conversation on a discussion board over at APUG this week. I chucked up a couple of images that I shot while walking around. The shots were of stairs. Yep you heard that right - stairs. You see I for reasons unknown to me have some really strange compulsion to shoot stairs of all shapes and sizes. I have never made a "real" project out of it and am usually ill equipped to shoot them. Even without making it a concerted effort I have about 70 prints that I have made over the years of these images.

I don't do anything with them. I don't hang them up on walls or show them to people. The APUG discussion was a rare exception where I sought out a bunch of people thoughts on which particular similar image they thought was print worthy. Hey I am trying to go green here I don't think I want to actually make 3 different prints of the same staircase with different compositions. I didn't get an answer - definitively - as to which one was printworthy. There were supporters and detractors of each image. Who would have thought? I guess that didn't surprise me, what did surprise me is how many folks have similar secret2009_005_22.jpg subjects - things that for no particular reason they are compelled to shoot. I am not talking about general things like people or landscapes. I am talking about very specific things like stairs, doors, windows, electric meters, dead trees, you name it. Not just once or for a week but over years and years.

Does every photo enthusiast have that other think that they are 2009_005_23.jpgdrawn to shoot? Do you have something like that? Would love to hear what it is. I am sure it would make those of us that have that secret obsession feel a little less strange. The attached images are the latest grabs from a walk I took to warm up the Leica M6 for it's come back as my carry around camera. They were shot on Kodak TRI-X and processed in Pyrocat HD.


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